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Get more of your product on the target with better spray pattern control.

AirVerter® spray gun equipment focuses on spray pattern control that reduces waste up to 30% and gets more product onto the target.

Spray guns are designed to disperse coatings for application to a substrate. The further the spray gun from the substrate, the greater the dispersion. That portion of the coating that does not adhere to the substrate is called overspray. Excessive overspray can result in increased maintenance costs (clean-up), environmental, and health issues.

The video below demonstrates the wasted spray from a spray can and how spray pattern control is better achieved with CAPS.

Think about this: some aviation coatings can cost $1,000 a gallon and it takes, on average, 70 gallons of paint to cover an aircraft. Current practice estimates 10% waste ($7,000). If you could decrease waste by 30% with CAPS you could realize over $2,000 in savings per aircraft– not including the savings in clean up!

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