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Versatile mobile HEPA filtration designed and ideally suited for use at welding workplaces. The extracted air is first fed into a pre-filter where large particles are captured and then through a main filter where the welding smoke is cleaned with a filter efficiency rating above 99.9%. This means that even the smallest particles down to a size of 0.3 micron are filtered.

SKU: NSN 460-01-462-4776

The filter only needs to be changed once or twice a year depending on the number of working hours and the substances to be captured.

18 ga. steel construction with durable powder coat finish

5 in. diameter rubber castors with locking feature

10 ft. x 6 in. extraction arm can be swiveled through 360 degrees

Conveniently located top control panel featuring:

On-off switch | Operating control light

Filter monitor light | Fan rotation direction indicator

Plug for automatic start-stop

Cable holder for power cable storage

Front-loading pre-filter and 99.9% HEPA filter, standard; optional carbon filter Specifications:

Suction Capacity: 680 cfm

Motor Power: 1.5 hp

Voltage: 115 v, 1 phase, 20 amp service; 13 amps start

Filter Efficiency: >99.9%

Dimensions: 25.8″ l x 25.8″ w x 42.2″ h

Weight (without arm): 170 lbs.

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