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Our History

We distributed turbine-operated HVLP paint spray guns for other manufacturers in the early 1970s. New atomization devices were being used for rapidly developing aviation, naval, and industrial applications. These guns were an improvement over previous equipment, but customers soon alerted us to drawbacks in actual use. Relatively slow application rates, disappointing overspray control, sub-standard finish quality, limited high-performance coating application, and electrical explosion hazard concerns were not being adequately addressed.

The AirVerter® division was formed to provide solutions for those shortcomings.

Our HVLP products were developed to dramatically reduce overspray at the source. They integrate with our fume capture devices, like CAPS and PAPCE, to provide the healthiest conditions for the workforce.

AirVerter®’s advanced jet-venture technology and high-volume open-passage spray gun designs have become favorites among aviation and marine painting professionals. A full line of spray guns and attachments serve the varied needs of industrial/military users.

Our innovations have allowed us to virtually eliminate VOC’s, odors, and paint overspray. Liquid or solid particulates, welding fumes, grinding debris, and sanding dust are also controlled. All our products increase productivity and safety in the work environment while being portable and adaptable. They are used to produce excellent coating results with common paints, but are also used to apply Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) on military vehicles, epoxies aboard ships, high-performance polyurethane, corrosion inhibitors, and Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) coatings for special mission aircraft.

We were informed that one of our spray gun customers, Northrop-Grumman, had developed mobile air filtration equipment using proprietary technology. This system allowed production line touch-up spraying in one of its main facilities. Innovative design features led it to be approved by the Air Quality Management District (AQMD). We acquired a license from Northrop Grumman for their design in 1998, then spent two years in R&D, upgrading the equipment for heavy-duty use. AirVerter introduced it as the PAPCE in 2000. It is the most versatile mobile air filtration equipment available today, and still the only one with AQMD approval. Five patents have been issued on PAPCE; two for Northrop Grumman and three for Smith Eastern Corporation/AirVerter.

The CAPS family of spray and filtration units was developed in 2006. CAPS made overspray reduction and fume capture available in an even more portable tool-chest sized cabinet. Refinements improved the transfer ratio of paint, especially for small parts coating on site.

AirVerter innovations have been recognized by the issuance of nine patents, with more pending.

Smith Eastern Corporation is a Veteran-Owned Small Business.

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