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MF - 3100 HVLP Spray Gun

with Flexible Nozzle

Microflex spray gun with flexible nozzle allows you to spray up, over, under and into most any application. Delivers  clean patters 1/4" to 5 " widths as well as round dots. Outside diameter 3/4" for ready access to tight applications. TE by SCAQMD measured at 92% efficient- quick pay back.

Available in stock 6-in., 12-in., 18-in., and other custom lengths

SKU: NSN 49-01-457-3497 - 6-in. NSN-4940-01-457-3482 - 12in. NSN 4901-01-457-3451 - 18in.

Transfer efficiency is an almost unbelievable 95%. Overspray is virtually eliminated. Flexible tip sprays at any angle. Available fan head patterns. Available as an attachment to the Detach III Spray Gun.

US Patents

5,271,564 I 5,609,302 I 5,971,298

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