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UG-45V HVLP Spray

Gun Cleaner

Automatic HVLP Spray Gun Cleaner. Aiverter supplies, accessories, and discontinued spray finishing equipment replacement parts. Now you can increase personal safety and keep the workplace free of hazardous waste with AirVerter’s new automatic spray gun cleaner. The UG-45V cleans two spray guns and cups in less than 60 seconds while keeping solvent usage to a minimum.

SKU: NSN 4940-01-467-7169

Minimizes hands-on cleaning and keeps the working environment safe
Saves up to 90% of solvent cost when compared to conventional methods
Spray nozzle and jets designed for high efficiency swirl-action gun cleaning
Stainless steel tank and brass solvent distribution system for optimum durability
Built-in cleaning cycle timer controls
Pressure hose cleaning capability and air rinse, standard. Cleans hoses up to 50 feet
Fire and safety hazard baffle and work screen
Automatic lid control switch
Automatic shut off
Automatic fume extraction system rapidly evacuates chemical and solvent fumes from cleaning tank
28 in. W x 17 in. D x 42 in. H – 80 lbs.
Requires 75 psi line pressure

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