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CAPS Overspray Reduction System

Captured Air Pollutants System II, CAPS overspray reduction/evacuation products for spot painting and small repair jobs. The CAPS family of spray and filtration units was developed in 2006. CAPS made overspray reduction and fume capture available in an even more portable tool-chest sized cabinet. Refinements improved the transfer ratio of paint, especially for small parts coating on site.

Upon atomization the coating is contained within the cone. Overspray and fumes are collected and evacuated through the Intake Hose and directed into the Filter Housing. The contaminated air is then processed through a

NESHAP Compliant Filter Arrangement and expelled through the Exhaust Hose using a Pneumatic AirFlow Device in the Controller Unit.

The air may then be discharged into the workplace or directed through an Exhaust Duct.

US Patent 7,550,022

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