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A Paint Booth

      in the palm 

             of your hand

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CAPS Spray System

Dual Cone

CAPS 0514.jpg

Our Dual Cone design delivers equal suction around the entire perimeter of the outer cone in order to capture overspray right at the source.

GGMF with cone2.JPG

Have the best of both words.

Microflex & CAPS II "Duo"

Don't let over overspray management cost you valuable time any more. Don't waste coating any longer flooding those difficult to to reach places. Now you can solve both of these problems at the same time! This  "Duo" saves ergonomic strain of reaching nooks, is transfer efficiency tested above 90%, and perfect for bolt heads and seams


CAPS Spray System with PAPCE

Airverter's PAPCE combines with our CAPS eqipment allows overspray along with fume containment and collection at the point of generation at the same time up to 25 feet from the main unit. Quick and easy disconnect for cleaning and storage.

SS CAPS Cut1.jpg

CAPS with Sharpshooter Spray Paint Gun

Designed for fine detail work. Great for rivet heads and other fasteners. 

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