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Our Mission

Our Mission is to generate innovative solutions to maximize employee, environmental protection, and efficiency.

Who We Are

AirVerter, a division of the Smith Eastern Corporation, began in 1964 as a representative agency for a major industrial spray technology and material providers. We have continued our work in Jessup, Maryland since 1996.

We design and produce Industrial Paint Spray Guns and Pollution Control Equipment. All of our spray guns are High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP). This is the first step to eliminating paint overspray.

As a second step we manufacture the Portable Air Pollution Control Equipment (PAPCE) to capture, contain, and filter overspray from touch-up painting operations.

Additionally, we manufacture the Contained Air Pollutants System (CAPS) to capture, contain and filter overspray at the source (at the spray gun itself).

These products (HVLP Spray Guns, PAPCE, and CAPS) are currently in use with the US Military and aerospace industries.

Our Products were developed to dramatically reduce overspray at the source and integrate with our fume capture devices which provide the healthiest conditions for the workplace.

Featured Clients

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