AirVerter®'s Spray tip chart will help you with that ultimate finish

Spray gun tip

Achieve that professional finish and make the right choice using our spray tip chart.

Which spray tip should you choose? This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the exact material, temperature and conditions you’re working in. However, below you will find our spray tip chart that can help guide you towards making a good choice.

Please be advised that this is only a guide. You should try a needle/nozzle size above and below the recommended size to be sure you will obtain the best results.


Needle And Nozzle Are A Matched Set – Machined To Act As A Valve

Finish Needle/Nozzle Air Cap Uses or Coating Type
Ultra-Fine Finish .7 5 Ultra Fine Finishes with Thin Coatings on Small Parts
Ultra Fine Touch-Up
Specialty Applications, Wood Working
Water-Based Lacquers, Urethanes
Excellent Finish with Good Production 1.0 5 Automotive Base or Clear Coat
Automotive, Aviation and Marine Top Coats
Wood-Lacquers, Stains, Polyurethanes, Varnishes
Thin Specialty Coatings with Low-Mil Build and Fine Finish Requirements
Water-Based Coatings
Good Finish with Excellent Production 1.2 10 Higher Production for the Same Application as Above
Fine Finishes with Gloss Alkyd Enamel
Primers and Sealers for Automotive, Aviation and Marine Water-Based Coatings
Excellent Finish with Good Production 1.4 12 General Industrial Finishing
Zinc-Rich Primers, Water-Based Primers, Flat & Semi-Gloss Alkyd Enamels & Polyurethanes
Industrial and Marine Top Coats
Chlorinated Alkyd Enamels, Acrylic Enamels and Latex
Heavy Primers
Good Finish with High Production 2.0 20 High-Build Industrial Marine Primers
High-Build Primers for Steel Structures
Good Finish with Higher Production 2.8 28 CARC
Industrial Finish Coatings
Latex, Stripper, Oil

Needle/Nozzle size expressed as a millimeter (1 millimeter = .040 (approximately)

0.7 = .028 | 1.0 = .040 | 1.2 = .048 | 1.4 = .056 | 2.0 = .080 | 2.8 = .112



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