CAPS II Adaptor to the MicroFlex -

CAPS II Adaptor to the MicroFlex


Attachment to widely accepted & highly maneuverable flexible spray head. A method & devices added to: CONTAIN-EVACUATE-FILTER & EXHAUST CLEAN BREATHABLE AIR. Delivering to this patented tool the capability to be used anywhere, time or substance. This flexible spray head tested and approved by SCAQMD @ 92% efficient elevates this efficiency. Investment recovery remarkable.


Experience the advantages of patented MicroFlex technology and the patented CAPS II system. The MicroFlex flexible spray head allows you to reach previously inaccessible areas.

The CAPS II sleeve provides a means to virtually eliminate odors and harmful particulate matter from the work environment. This system can be custom fitted and attachable to any spraying device, including but not limited to:

AirVerter Gravity Gun
AirVerter ProTouch
Binks MACH 1
DeVilbiss MINI
Dux Laminair


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