AirVerter®'s flexible spray nozzle is for hard-to-reach places


Painting the tight spaces on aircraft are made easier with the best flexible spray nozzle

MicroFlex Spray Gun Complete (Select Spray Head) AirVerter®’s revolutionary patented MicroFlex spray gun technology has a flexible spray nozzle that gets those “impossible to reach” areas. The MicroFlex was developed for aircraft applications and users include Boeing, Northrop Grumman and the US Navy.

Transfer efficiency is an almost unbelievable 95%—overspray is virtually eliminated. Flexible tip sprays at any angle. Available in round or fan head patterns. Available as an attachment to the Detach III Spray Gun.

The video below demonstrates how having a spray gun with a flexible spray nozzle gets more paint on the target, reducing waste and pollutants.


  • 23 Feb, 2015

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